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Whatever those two jackasses said it’s not true! This is how The Commish was really founded. One day I came across another fantasy podcast and as I’m listening I am realizing I would rather watch paint dry then listen to these guys. I also came across them on Instagram, trying to see how many followers they had and it blew my mind away. They were big. I thought to myself "man doing a podcast about our league would be chaotic but also be comical." So I texted my brother (Chris) and my cousin (Eric) and said “Yo! We should do a podcast about our league”. They agreed and THAT is how The Commish was really founded...Thanks to me! Book it! 




The reality is, is that I created what we now know The Commish logo to be when Alex was in middle school. Literally. The only problem is I thought I wanted to blog about fantasy football and realized that I hated writing. So I sat on the idea of producing fantasy football content for years until I realized that our home league was quite unique and worth talking about. All of our friends and family back home seem to get a kick out of our league, so I went to Alex and Eric and pitched them the idea of starting a podcast. I took the logo from years ago, morphed it into podcast form, and BOOM, The Commish Fantasy Football Podcast was born. Thanks to me! Take it to the bank and cash it!

I was sailing the Atlantic on the Anthem of the Seas cruise ship in August of 2018, life was good. I sat out on the balcony of my room doing some quick mock drafts; redraft season was finally upon us. Naturally as I drafted I dreamt of going back-to-back in our home league (Spoiler: I did indeed repeat, but I digress). Anyways, I figured it would be selfish of me to keep all this fantasy knowledge bottled up instead of sharing it with the world, so I went into my room and paid what seemingly felt like $2000-3000 for wifi on the ship. I sent my now co-hosts a text and said, “Let’s start a podcast called ‘The Commish.’” The rest is history….Thanks to me!


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