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Week 3 Lock: Steelers +4

Heading into week 3 I am currently 2-0 with my spread takes. Houston was able to cover the spread and my take on the Broncos is looking more and more true, so why not keep the train moving. I am taking the Pittsburgh Steelers +4 against the Cleveland Browns this Thursday.

This time I actually like both teams, the Steelers somehow pulling off a big win against the Bengals, however, did lose to the Patriots. But let's dive into the scores of those games, against the Bengals the score was 23-20, against the Patriots the score was 17-14. For the Browns, they have been in really close games as well, losing to the Jets 31-30, and beating the Panthers 26-24. All four games have not exceeded over 4 points. 

The Steelers heading into this game have been very stingy with their run defense, only allowing 248 yards combined on the ground. No single RB has rushed for over 100 yards on them. With that being said the Browns will look to run the ball having Chubb and Hunt looking like the best RB duo in the NFL right now. The Steelers are having a hard time finding the  End Zone, but the Browns defense is not looking too good. Pittsburgh will find ways to put points on the board against the Browns. 

Key things to note, its short week for both teams and on top of that its a divisional game which never looks pretty. Thursday night games are not the best so I can see the Steelers definitely covering the spread or even winning this game.

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