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Top Offseason Buys: Quarterback

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Can you smell the excitement in the air? The NFL draft is just days away. Every analyst on the planet is releasing mocks drafts left and right, all with varying opinions. However, the consistent theme among all of these mocks is the Quarterback position. Many teams need a franchise QB, and there are not enough elite options in the draft to satisfy every team.

When it comes to dynasty, having a difference-maker at Quarterback can be the difference between being a perennial championship contender and scrubbing the toilet of your league. Let’s take a peek at a few players that could help your team compete, especially in a Superflex format.

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Sam Darnold

Let’s get one thing clear. Sam Darnold hasn’t exactly lived up to the high expectations that were thrust upon him when he entered the NFL. He was the third overall pick in the 2018 draft, but his record as a starter is 13-25. Not exactly what you’re expecting as a franchise when investing a top-3 pick in a guy.

Why would anyone try to acquire this guy for their dynasty team then? I firmly believe that Darnold was dealt a lousy hand in New York and will have ample weapons to help him succeed in Carolina. For example, in New York, his best (and only) receiver was Robby Anderson, and the offensive line has been among the league’s worst.

In Carolina, Darnold will be accompanied by an offensive line that is on the rise, and his weapons are a definite upgrade. Not only will he reunite with Robby Anderson, but he also joined by stud Running Back Christian McCaffrey and emerging Wide Receiver DJ Moore.

Adding Darnold to a dynasty roster may seem like a risk. And it definitely can be. If he reaches the potential that he came into the league with, he can be a top-15 Quarterback option this year. Having Joe Brady as his Offensive Coordinator will give Darnold an excellent chance to succeed in Carolina. Brady played a large role in the success of Joe Burrow at LSU, and with any luck, his offensive prowess will rub off on Darnold.

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Jameis Winston

As it sits, Sean Payton has not made any sort of decision on who the starting Quarterback will be for the New Orleans Saints in 2021. This ambiguity is leading to a decreased cost for Jameis and Taysom Hill, and it is the perfect time to get him on your roster.

As the Buccaneers starter in 2019, Winston truly had some eye-popping statistics. The statistic that most people are aware of is the 30 interceptions that year. And don’t get it twisted, 30 interceptions are not what you want out of your starting Quarterback. But, because of his gun-slinging attributes, he also threw for 5,109 yards which were good for 33 touchdowns and were the third-highest scoring fantasy Quarterback.

New Orleans certainly doesn’t have the weapons that Tampa Bay had when Jameis was at the helm. His talents will make the receivers around him better and having Lasik eye surgery in the off-season certainly can’t hurt.

If Winston earns the starting job for the Saints, he will be in a prime position to reclaim his spot as a top-5 fantasy Quarterback. Do everything you can to acquire him now before his price skyrockets after he is named the starter.

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