Thursday Night Takeaways: Week 1

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Quarterback: Mahomes is Still Great, and Watson is TBD

Jay Biggerstaff - USA TODAY

If you had any concerns about Mahomes, you were crazy. They were unwarranted, and he’s showing it again and again. On the other side of the ball, Watson had trouble. Watson was sacked 4 times, with only one touchdown and an interception. Maybe I’m biased, but I’m going to credit some of this to Kansas City’s defense, and another significant portion of the blame to Brandin Cooks’ quad injury. Cooks was on the field for only 46% of passing plays. When Cooks was targeted in the first half, he looked fantastic in his new offense. The jury is still out on Watson, and in week 2, his matchup against Baltimore isn’t appealing.

Wide Receiver: Cooks is Injured, and Hardman is the Wide Receiver 4

As I mentioned above, Brandin Cooks wasn’t on the field much in this game, while Will Fuller played 80% of snaps. The question was never performance with Fuller, and even in a bad loss, he performed for fantasy purposes. He’s a safe play in your lineup as long as he’s healthy. Mecole Hardman can be dropped in redraft leagues. He played on just 29% of offensive snaps and 34% of passing plays. Robinson played on 48% and 49%, respectively. If you’re rostering Hardman, check your league settings. You may be able to drop him before Sunday’s kickoff and pick up a player who was dropped earlier this week, beating the waiver wire chaos on Tuesday. We can’t ignore Sammy Watkins’ performance of 7/82/1. He was on the field for 80% of plays and might be a flex option going forward. There’s still the chance he disappears as he’s done in prior years.

Running Back: Old Blood and New Blood both Look Good

Jeff Roberson - Associated Press

While CEH was the new hotness, David Johnson was faded by almost everyone. Both played fantastically in week 1. The large blemish on CEH was the inability to finish at the goal-line. While we would love to see him score, it’s great to see Kansas City give him the first opportunity. Look at this as a positive rather than a negative. Additionally, we have to expect his role in the pass-catching game to exist. He didn’t have a single reception, but his 25/138/1 on the ground was enough to please fantasy managers. One other thing I’ll point out is the lack of breakaway speed from CEH. Even on his Touchdown run, you can see Jacob Martin (a relatively speedy big man) make up some ground before he scores. Don’t expect the 60 yards touchdowns from CEH, but he’s going to be a stud.

David. Freaking. Johnson. The man is STILL ALIVE. 11/77/1 with 3 receptions for 32 yards. While the numbers were good, he looked great. He looked healthy and ready to ball. Even in a game that they were trailing, he provided for fantasy managers. Duke Johnson left the game with a lower leg injury. Keep an eye there, but David Johnson looks like the real deal. Like Watson, I don’t love his week 2 matchup, but we’ll know more after Sundays game between the Ravens and the Browns.

Tight Ends: Travis Kelce Led Skill Players in Snaps, and Houston’s Don’t Matter

Travis Kelce scored the first KC touchdown of the season, and no one should be shocked. He and Mahomes are telepathic. Jordan Akins led the Houston Tight Ends in snaps, but he’s not relevant. Fells also touched the field, but both are TD or bust Tight Ends I wouldn’t bet on.