Targets at ADP: AFC West Division

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

As draft season approaches, it's important to assess a player's value compared to their Average Draft Position (ADP). I'm going through division by division and picking my favorite player at each position once accounting for their ADP.

Written by Desmond Sanders

Patrick Mahomes (ADP QB1, 14 Overall)

Runner up Drew Lock (ADP QB25, 144 Overall)

Reubyn Coutinho - Essentially Sports

Was this ever a question? Patty boy is elite! He has earned the right to be taken before any other quarterback in your draft. Some people may pass on the fact they do not want to take a quarterback early-second round, but those rules don’t apply to Patty Mahomes. It is understandable you will be missing out on some big-name wide receivers/running backs by taking Mahomes second round, but the point production out of this elite quarterback falls short to none. There is a reason he is ADP 14 while being the only quarterback projected to go with in the first two rounds.

Mahomes is coming off a Super Bowl MVP season. He racked up 26 Touchdowns, 4,031 yards passing, 5 interceptions, and 319 completions while playing 14 games. I am all in on Mahomie, like the rest of the league should be, saying I see a 40 plus touchdown season coming!

Josh Jacobs (ADP RB8, 10 Overall)

Runner up Clyde Edwards-Helaire (ADP RB10, 24 Overall)

Nhat V. Meyer - Weekly Spiral

If it was up to me, every person on this list of AFC West targets at ADP would be starting week one for the Super Bowl champions. Josh Jacobs has broken the mold and sees himself as the best back at ADP in this division. He is ADP 10 while being ranked RB 8. Jacobs is a huge threat this season, as the Raiders acquired Henry Ruggs in the 2020 draft, opening up the backfield for Jacobs. He is easily a great RB 1 on any fantasy squad and will never fall any lower than ADP 12.

Josh Jacobs is coming off a rookie season, rushing for 1,150 yards on 242 attempts, 7 touchdowns, 1 fumble, averaging 4.8 yards per carry. With the young talent on this Las Vegas Raiders team, I see Jacobs rushing north of 1,200 yards on 265 attempts, while also rushing for 11 touchdowns, averaging 4.5 yards per carry.

Tyreek Hill (ADP WR3, 11 Overall)

Runner up Courtland Sutton (ADP WR20, 58 Overall)

David Eulitt - Forbes

This should come to the surprise of no one. Tyreek Hill is elite. This year's 2020 Fantasy Football year is stacked with running backs taking up the first round, followed by a few wide receivers. Tyreek Hill is one of those few. He has the best quarterback in the league throwing him the ball and also has one of the best surrounding casts, opening up the field, and making his life easier. This is also beside the fact that no one in the league can keep up with Happy Feet Hill. Two members of his surrounding cast made my list of targets in this division, all players well deserving and it is not even close.

Hill is coming off a Super Bowl-winning season. Tyreek caught for 860 yards on 58 completions, 7 touchdowns, only in 12 games. He was targeted 89 times and averaged 14 yards per receptions. If I had to put a paycheck on it, I’d bet Tyreek’s numbers will all rise. I project 12 touchdowns, 1,030 yards receiving, 70 completions, and averaging 15 yards per receptions while playing a 15 game season.

Travis Kelce (ADP TE1, 18 Overall)

Runner up Hunter Henry (ADP TE8, 76 Overall)

Paul Rutherford - USA TODAY Sports

If there is one thing you can take from this article, it is that I expect to see the Kansas City Chiefs back in the bowl. They have the best receiving core in the league, led by the best quarterback in the league. When I looked at the best tight end targets at ADP, not only just in this division but the league, I think no other than Travis Kelce. Kelce is an elite tight end, who’s only other competition is George Kittle. Let's be real, Kelce would put up the same numbers with Geno Smith at quarterback. The reality is he has Patty Mahomes, enough said.

Kelce is coming off of his Super Bowl season receiving for 1,229 yards and 5 touchdowns on 97 receptions. Kelce was targeted 136 times while averaging 12.7 yards per reception. Kelce has played back to back 16 game seasons and I see the third one on the way unless COVID cuts it short (knocks on wood*). I do not see Kelce numbers declining much but I also do not see them getting much better. The only category I see Kelce upgrading in is his amount of touchdowns, projecting him at 8 on the season.