[Pod+] Episode 73: 4 Players to Avoid at ADP

If you’re listening to The Commish Pod, you’ve found a passion for fantasy football. Some pods released by the guys will have a supporting article released a few days later. The goal is to cover any bases left open and provide additional insight to the takes that have already been voiced. If you’re reading this and you haven’t listened to the pod yet, don't worry, we've added the pod episode below.

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On Pod#73, the guys cover 4 players they just won’t be drafting where they’re currently being taken. Chris Carson, David Montgomery, Amari Cooper, and one more big name make up this list. Chris and Eric covered the highlights for Chris Carson on the pod. Between the crowded backfield, injury history, and fumbling problems, the 3/4 turn is just too rich. On top of their discussion, add in that Russell Wilson is continuing to push Carroll to throw the ball more in 2020. With the growth of DK Metcalf and the presence of Tyler Lockett, Pete Carroll might not have much of a choice.

Chris is also fading a top 12 WR from 2019, and the guys couldn’t agree more. Amari Cooper is just 26 years old, but his volatility just makes his third round ADP too high. I’ll just leave this here if you want a quick synopsis on his injury history. Plantar Fasciitis isn’t fun, and it’s not just going away.

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Alex kicks off his RB to avoid with a fitting yawn. David Montgomery is being drafted as RB23 in the middle of the 4th round. Plain and simple, Alex thinks Cohen is just a better value in this Chicago offense, and owning both would be absurd. Chris thinks Monty has the volume in 2020 on lock, and even if he isn’t efficient, he’ll have value in fantasy leagues. Montgomery finished as RB24 in 2019, but part of that was because he stayed healthy. He finished as RB31 in PPG, so I’m not sure his managers were thrilled. The spiciest take of all belongs to Eric fading Nick Chubb at ADP. Here’s the splits with and without Hunt. You decide if Eric is crazy. In addition to the stats Eric mentioned, I’ve included his Snap Pct in and out of the split.

Marlon Mack averaged 13.0 PPG over 14 games in 2019 and finished as the RB22 in PPR. Nick Chubb is being drafted as the RB7, and 9th overall.