[Pod+] Big Names Without Big Value

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Chris is Joined by Sky from The Candlestick Kids to discuss those names that catch the eye, but might not help you catch a championship! Collaborating with these California kids is someth

ing we love to do here at The Commish. If you haven’t checked them out, you need to follow their Twitter and Instagram! They’ve also dropped a Draft Kit for 2020. I’ve purchased it and can confirm it’s far more valuable than a gas station sandwich, at the same price! In this Pod + article, I’m just hitting the high points. The details are in the Pod!

Ezekiel Elliot

Associated Press

Sky opens the podcast by dropping a bomb. Ezekiel Elliot is near the top of his list for underperforming at ADP. While he seems locked in as a top 3 RB, Sky has his doubts. His concern stems from the new head coach (Mike McCarthy), the retirement of Travis Frederick, and surrounding weapons. Tune in for the details!

The hope is that Kellen Moore can hold things down on the offensive side, but Sky’s concerns are legitimate. He’s still a top 6 or 7 pick in Sky’s mind, but there’s a bit of a fade. While I’m still high on Zeke, Sky’s points are all valid, and having him outside the top 3 isn’t as crazy as it may seem!

Melvin Gordon III

Chris follows suit with the RBs, and MGIII leads his list. Since the Pod's recording, we’ve also seen starting Right Tackle, Ja’Waun James, has decided to opt-out of the 2020 season. Additionally, we’ve witnessed MGIII suffer from various injuries throughout his career, and he’s not young anymore. Gordon also just wasn’t very efficient in 2019, as shown below.


Tack on the impact of a new team in a global pandemic, and there’s plenty of risk around Melvin. The only positive I will add is that the Denver Broncos run a zone-blocking scheme, which is how Gordon thrived in Wisconsin.

TY Hilton

David Derner - Associated Press

Alex and Eric have supported TY Hilton throughout his career, but Sky thinks this might be the end of his era. Rivers doesn’t have the accuracy of Luck, and injuries are starting to catch up to him. At 30 years old, Hilton is on the downslope. With Pittman and Campbell in town, Hilton has some new competition. He’s still an option in Best Ball and standard leagues, but in PPR redraft leagues, Sky’s not big on Hilton.

Amari Cooper

Cooper is being drafted around the two-three turn. Chris mentioned the Cooper/Gallup splits, and I’ve thrown them below. You’ll notice that Gallup had similar production, in 2 fewer games.

Cooper also has massive health concerns. There’s just a lot of questions around Cooper, and there are too many good receivers available later in drafts. He's not exactly a "Do Not Draft" but he's definitely someone to draft cautiously. If you want to hear more, you can check out The Wide Receiver Rankings Episode.

Tyler Higbee

Meg Oliphant - Getty Images

Higbee’s 2019 ended with a boom. Sky’s of the mindset that the situation primarily drove this. No knock on his talent, but everything fell perfectly into place for Higbee. Everett, Kupp, and the Rams defense were all banged up. The last five games were an outlier in McVay’s coaching tendencies when it comes to Tight End targets. With Everett returning and a bunch of weapons, Higbee might not be able to hit the numbers people expect.

Austin Hooper

At his ADP, Chris doesn’t hate Hooper. This is for those of you who have had a swamped summer, and are jumping into fantasy football in August. If you just remember his performance in Atlanta from 2019, you should not expect that in 2020.

The Atlanta situation was perfect for Austin Hooper, and while he could be useful for Cleveland, it will not be Atlanta. Don’t go and draft Austin Hooper as a top 5 Tight End. If you can get him around Tight End 10, that’s great, but don’t trust your gas station magazine if they have him in their top 5!