Head Coaching Changes: Mike McCarthy and Joe Judge

Dallas Cowboys (Mike McCarthy)

LM Otero, Associated Press

After another disappointing season with Jason Garrett, the Cowboys have moved on to NFL Head Coach veteran Mike McCarthy. McCarthy is known for his time as the Head Coach of the Green Bay Packers (125-77-2). While his stint in Green Bay was prosperous, he's remembered for the last few seasons where the Green Bay offense dwindled while Rodgers was at the helm.

The excellent news for Cowboy fans comes by the name of Kellen Moore. If you've listened to anything I've said about the Cowboys, you know I'm one of Moore's biggest fanboys. While McCarthy's history is the offensive, he's quoted saying, "The individual that's had to learn the most has been myself. It's been a brand new language, particularly with the run game, for everybody. The protection is a different language and the passing game, as much as we could carry over, we did." It looks like the Cowboys will maintain the offense that made them the most efficient NFL Offense in 2019.

McCarthy's early impact should be minimal, and anything he adds to the offense will likely help. While things got stale towards the end of his tenure at Green Bay, he was a great offensive coach for most of his stay.

New York Giants (Joe Judge)

Brad Penner

If you aren't a New England Patriots fan, you likely hadn't heard of Joe Judge before his signing in New York. The Special Teams Coach of the Patriots got an unexpected payday from the Giants. Judge may have been brought to the Giants primarily to build the environment. He will be focused on fundamentals and making his players work harder than ever. He's already taken names off practice jerseys and made players AND COACHES run laps after mistakes.

Historically, first-time Head Coaches who come from a defensive background don't positively impact their offense. Over the last five years, offenses with Head Coaches that have met that criteria have finished with an average of (66) fewer points, and (504) fewer yards than the league median. They also see a decrease in respect to their prior-year production in both categories. Todd Bowles was the only coach in the last 5 years to exceed prior year production or the league median.

While Judge was a Special Teams Coach in New England, his role was far from offensive. The Giants offense will rely heavily on Jason Garrett, who uses the Running Back in all facets of the game. Garrett's signing does look good for Barkley and company, but we're yet to see how much oversight Judge will have on the offense. All reports have been that it is Garrett's offense in The Meadowlands, but the data still points to the Giants offense taking a step back.