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Alex’s Take of the Week! Houston Texans +10

Alright last week I hit on the spread which was +1.5 when the Vikings game opened up, then the line moved to VIkings -1.5. Which still hit against the Green Bay Packers since they won the game. Now I did say that I liked the over of the game which was 48 (did not hit) at the time, but obviously Aaron Roders is lost without Davante Adams, which I predicted. I did not think it was going to be that much of a struggle for him to find the End Zone though.

Now we are going into week two, my pick of the week is going to be the Houston Texans +10 against the Denver Broncos. Houston just came out of week one with a Tie against one of the better defenses in the NFL with the Indianapolis Colts. Davis Mills looked composed and had a really good game against them going for 23/240/2.

If you were like me, you went into Monday night's game thinking the Broncos were going to destroy the Seattle Seahawks. Clearly that was nott the case at all…like at all all. The Broncos were clearly a better team on paper no doubt about that, but from a coaches stand point, well Nathan Hackett really blew it. The moment was to big for him and instead of him pissing through 3 timeouts with 58 seconds left in the 4th, Coach Hackett decided to piss down his leg and hang his kicker out to dry to go for a 64 yard field goal. If Coach Hackett is dumb enough to not call those timeouts the first game of the year who knows what he will do in the future. 

Now again, the Broncos are realistically a better team on paper against the Houston Texans. But giving a team an extra 10 points, while seeing Seattle march down the field on some drives against the Broncos seems very doable for a Houston Texans offense to keep pace. The Broncos have too many problems to figure out in just one week, scoring touchdowns, coaching decisions and having 12 penalties for 106 yards.

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