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Did you know that 73.6% of all statistics spoken are made up on the spot? Carry that around in your back pocket for your next fantasy debate with your buddies. That being said, you’re looking at a man who’s only 1 of 17 people in the world to win back-to-back-to-back fantasy football championships. I’d be lying to you if I said it was easy, because it wasn’t. But that’s what the great ones do, they persevere through the toughest of times. While others were quitting and throwing in the towel, I continued to make trades, find Week 11 value adds, scratch and claw until I pulled off the impossible for a third straight season.  


I started my fantasy journey at the ripe ole age of 7, helping my old man add fantasy stats out of the USA Today box scores and I’ve never looked back. Outside of chasing fantasy glory, I work as a business development representative in the pharmaceutical industry, specifically in clinical trials. I am fortunate to really enjoy my line of work but working on The Commish has truly been my passion which I am so grateful to have found in life. I am absolutely obsessed with quality—from The Commish apparel, merchandise, our podcast, and our newsletter, I truly want to give our listeners and customers the most unique and best experience when it comes to a fantasy football brand.





Finally, a face you can match to the voice of all those incredibly accurate takes you hear. Now although it may seem like I have all the answers, my girlfriend can absolutely attest to the fact that that’s not the case. My fantasy football journey began eleven years ago when I was drafting up rankings in the middle of my Pre-Calc class at the ripe age of fifteen. I realized that I was more focused on where I’d squeeze Matt Forte into my top five running backs instead of polynomial functions—I’ve been hooked ever since. However, I wouldn’t say I slacked off too much in math class; as I’m currently majoring in Mechanical Engineering and have a job as a Process Engineer. Since that glorious year when fantasy entered my life I’ve amassed roughly $10-30k in career earnings, give or take several thousand. Honestly it’s tough to really ballpark the number when you’re the back to back champ of your home redraft league.

Outside of fantasy I do have hobbies (as if fantasy football wasn’t one already). I enjoy smoking some good cigars with a nice glass of bourbon, a lifestyle pretty similar to Dos Equis’ “Most Interesting Man in the World.” On weekends you can often find me out on the lake freshwater fishing or dropping some (fire emoji) takes on mic. But in all seriousness, fantasy is huge part of my life and it brings me joy to provide the best and most enjoyable content for you guys!

P.S…Whatever the guy below me says is probably a waste of your time, so you can just stop here.

Everything this guy said above me is bullshit! Eric was one trade away from letting that second championship slip away. Unfortunately I backdoored him and I got porked...screw David Johnson. I digress...


The real personality of this podcast is here to say a few words. I began chasing fantasy glory four years ago when I could actually afford my own team. Unfortunately, my accolades are not the same as the blood sucking demon trader above. Finished 3rd and came in second in the super bowl in my career.


I graduated from Westfield State University as a criminal justice major, as well as playing four years of college baseball. From there, I took my college baseball experience to coach an AAU baseball program. I am currently working a full time job as a therapeutic day school teacher where I help kids cope with their trauma. It’s extremely rewarding and beneficial because I get to transfer my skillsets at work and deal with Chris and Eric arguing all the time. Other than fantasy football, I enjoy working out and spending time with my family and girlfriend.


Ever since I was kid fantasy football has been a big part of my life and I am happy to put forward content that you guys enjoy.

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“Not show you, SHOW ME THE MONEY” - Rod Tidwell  


I make big moves and big moves only. I’m the same guy who won a 2019 Fantasy Football League with Sam Darnold at QB1. I put my money where my mouth is and have receipts to show it! My family gives me the green light to have a gambling addiction during Fantasy Football season. For years I have been trying to get into the Benevides Fantasy Football League and 2020 might be that year. And after years of being called loud and talkative by my peers, I have finally been given a platform to be those things by those same peers! 


When I’m not spending time on fantasy football, I’m whooping ass in Madden, Xbox Only. I dedicate my time to family, Xbox and working. I’m a recent graduate from Bridgewater State University, with a degree in Criminal Justice. My goal is to be a future Law School grad, with a career goal to be a self employed attorney.


Shoutout to The Commish for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team, now let’s make magic baby! 

With a numbers background, I’ve been known for making ridiculous excel spreadsheets that will add almost zero value to my fantasy teams. I’ll keep those on my desktop and instead put the articles that add value on the site for your consumption! Because of a mutual friend we love to hate, these clowns have taken me in as a writer for their site and I can’t tell you how STOKED I am to be part of this brand.

I’ve been the Commish in numerous leagues, and a manager in many more! I’m here with the Dynasty, Redraft, and Keeper league takes.  When I’m not using excel for Fantasy, I’m using it to calculate Federal Income Tax adjustments for an insurance company. Pretty electric right? Born and raised a Masshole, I’ll never live anywhere else.  When I finally step away from my computer, you can find me drinking a beer on the beach, or on the golf course shooting an 86…on nine holes.  If the weather isn’t conducive, I’ll grab a controller and waste some time there instead.

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